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Elisabeth Flach

Elisabeth Flach

elisabethflachpiconeElisabeth Shaner-Flach is the CEO at The Connection Marketing & Consulting. Her company specializes in leveraging the power of social media advertising to help her clients sell products and services. Her team is changing the Entertainment and Sports marketing consulting world with their ability to revolutionize ticket sales, fan engagement and brand awareness.

Her team has been ranked in the Top 1% of Facebook Advertisers for the last 2 years and counting. They called her team in 2014 to ask how they were beating Facebook’s algorithm.

Her other passion is in TV & video production. She has an IMDB credit for her associate producer role for a short film called Jingle. It was filmed in Los Angeles, May 2014. Their film was featured in the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in February 2015. She also does some production contracting work with Home Shopping Network (HSN) and consults with other film production companies in LA & Tampa.

Elisabeth has a passion for life and her business that radiates to everyone around her. But there is nothing she loves more in life than her 4 amazing children. Her vision, hard work and drive are all for the little people she holds dear. In her free time, you can find Elisabeth traveling the world, running half marathons, gardening, throwing epic house parties and snuggling in her bed with her kids for movie night.

You can connect with Elisabeth by following:
The Connection Marketing + Consulting
Direct # (813) 773-4ROI  {(813) 773-4764}
Facebook: Elisabeth Shaner-Flach
LinkedIn: Elisabeth Shaner-Flach
Twitter: @MotherFlacher
Instagram: @MotherFlacher